Privacy Policy (Sova Pte Ltd)

In order to provide the Sova service, Sova Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “we”) may require personally identifiable information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”). Our company considers the safeguarding of users’ Personal Information its most important responsibility, and we take the steps outlined below to protect it.

1. Personal Information

Personal Information is that information pertaining to an individual user, through which the user’s identity can be ascertained. Even where a piece of information or data alone does not suffice to specifically identify a user, it may be easily compared against other information to ultimately extrapolate a user’s identity, so any such related information is also considered Personal Information. Personal Information includes but is not limited to the following data: first name, postal code, address, full name, telephone number, birthday, and other personal details; account names, passwords, e-mail addresses, IP telephone number, and data logs.

2. Safeguarding your Privacy

In the event that we provide Personal Information to third parties outside of our company, we will first obtain the consent of the individual in question. Note that where laws and regulations require, or in situations that endanger the life, safety, or assets of individuals, or for other reasons defined in the Usage Agreement, we may provide such information without first obtaining the person’s consent.

  • We maintain a system for the safeguarding of Personal Information.
  • We make explicit the purposes for collection of Personal Information and limit the use thereof to the minimum necessary.
  • We utilize and provide Personal Information within the scope of the purposes above.
  • We take all reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorized access, destruction, leakage, and other risks to Personal Information, utilizing whatever resources the above measures actually require, continuously improving our information security approach.
  • We observe all laws, statutes, and other regulations governing the use of Personal Information.

3. Scope of Use

Personal Information we obtain through a member’s use of Sova is managed in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. Note that we cannot safeguard Personal Information used on other websites arrived at via advertisements, search engines, and other features linked to on our website, so said information falls outside of the scope of this Privacy Policy.

4. Collection of Personal Information and Notification of Use

We only obtain Personal Information by appropriate means; information is not obtained by falsification or other unauthorized means. We take all possible measures to avoid the unauthorized collection of Personal Information from users aged 15 and younger, where parental consent was not obtained. We publicize our intended uses for Personal Information in advance of its collection.

5. Failure to Provide Personal Information

Note that if we do not obtain the requisite Personal Information for use of our company’s respective services, you may be unable to use them as intended.

6. Safety Measures for Management of Personal Information

We take all required measures to manage and safeguard Personal Information and data, protecting against its leakage, destruction, and other damage. In addition, we take all necessary and appropriate measures to safely manage Personal Information and prevent its unauthorized access and the aforementioned leakage, destruction, and other damage. These safeguards are continually improved upon as needed.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

In the event that we provide Personal Information to third parties, we will first obtain consent of the person concerned. Note that where laws and regulations require, or situations that endanger the life, safety, or assets of individuals, or for other reasons described below, we may provide such information without first obtaining the person’s consent.

  • If we determine that a user’s conduct is to the detriment of a third party;
  • For the protection of life, safety, or assets, or where obtaining the person’s consent proves difficult or impossible;
  • For reasons such as those pertaining to public health or children’s safety, where advance consent from the individual in question would prove difficult;
  • Where we are required by law to disclose Personal Information to a court of law, a public prosecutor’s office, the police force, the bar association, or other entities;
  • Where an individual explicitly requests us to disclose or provide Personal Information to a third party;
  • Where we are permitted by law to disclose or provide Personal Information.
  • In the event that we partner with other businesses and enter into a non-disclosure agreement with them for the outsourcing of management of Personal Information, to be carried out under supervision by our company;
  • Where a merger or other cause requires provision of personal data for the continuation of the company’s activities;
  • In the event that we engage in joint use of personal data with a third party, only after notifying the person in question about what data will be shared, to whom and to what extent, for what purposes, and the name and title of the person or persons responsible for managing said data, or where said facts would be easily evident to the person in question without explicit notification;
  • Where we disclose or utilize information to create anonymized statistical data;
  • Other cases for which we reasonably determine that disclosure is necessary for continued provision of the service to the user in question.

8. Changes to Personal Information

Users can change, add to, or delete Personal Information registered on Sova.

Note that unspecified numbers of users access the site and can access, download, and print out information you provide. We waive all liability for third parties using or disclosing information you provide on the site.

9. Publication of Terms of Personal Information

Individuals are entitled to inquire about Personal Information for the reasons below, in which case we will reply promptly to said inquiry.

(1) Intended use of Personal Information (Except where laws governing the protection of Personal Information exempt that obligation. In the event that we decide not to respond to an inquiry, the person in question will promptly be notified.)

10. Disclosure of Personal Information

In the event that an individual requests that we disclose the nature of Personal Information we have collected, we will promptly comply with that request. Note that where disclosure would correspond to any of the cases below, disclosure may be limited, in full or in part. If we decide not to disclose said information, the individual will be promptly notified to that extent.

  1. Where disclosure would infringe on the life, safety, assets, or other rights of the individual or third parties;
  2. Where disclosure would interfere with Sova Pte Ltd’s carrying out of its obligations;
  3. Where disclosure is in contravention of laws or statutes

As a rule, we do not disclose personal information beyond access logs and similar data.

11. Discontinuation of Use of Personal Information

If we determine that an individual’s Personal Information was obtained illegally and we are requested to stop or eliminate its use (hereinafter referred to as “discontinue”), we will promptly conduct the necessary inquiries and discontinue its use or take whatever measures to amend the illegality, notifying the individual in question to that effect. Where discontinuing use of Personal Information would be unduly expensive or otherwise difficult and where we are able to take other measures in its stead to protect the rights and interests of the individual, those measures will be taken.

12. Explanation of Reasons

Notwithstanding an individual’s request for certain information, if we decide not to carry out any of the points below, we will endeavor to give reasons for that decision when notifying the individual.

  1. Notifying of intended purposes for use of Personal Information;
  2. Disclosing all or part of Personal Information;
  3. Discontinuing or suspending use of Personal Information;
  4. Discontinuing provision of Personal Information to third parties.

13. Employee Monitoring

We will take all appropriate and necessary supervisory measures with our employees to ensure that Personal Information is safely managed against risk of loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, and other risks.

14. Outsourcee Monitoring

In the event that we outsource all or part of our handling of Personal Information, we will take all necessary and appropriate supervisory measures to ensure that said Personal Information is safely managed.

15. Cookies

1. Cookies are small text files sent by a website and stored on a user’s computer, enabling the website to remember that user’s history and settings. Cookies enable users to register information about their preferences on specific websites and derive better use out of the web. Cookies are an industry standard; many websites use them to provide richer features to users. Cookies identify a user’s specific computer, but they cannot be used to identify a user’s actual identity.

2. We use cookies in the following cases:

  • We use a cookie to provide customized services on a per-user basis, making users’ experience more convenient. This cookie is set when a user accesses a customized page or logs in.
  • We use cookies to calculate the number of users on Sova.
  • Some advertisements may also utilize cookies.

16. Copyright

Users retain copyrights to information they register on the service by entry or uploading.

  • The user is by definition assumed to possess the appropriate intellectual property rights, copyrights, and usage rights for any text and other content used. We reserve the right to use information registered on the service, having taken measures to display or otherwise credit the owner as we see fit, on other services and sites with which we partner, in addition to on the service itself.

17. Changes and Notification

We may change the content of this Privacy Policy without prior notice. We are unable to notify users each time such a change is made. When using the service, please verify the latest version of this Privacy Policy on this page.

18. Inquiries

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Created October 1, 2013

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